2019 Buick Cascada Release Date
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2019 Buick Cascada Review

Buick is not one name with a lot of convertible car options. That is because the majority of its cars are about sports coupe and sedan. However, the upcoming 2019 Buick Cascada has to be something nice that may be worth to buy. Yes, the brand new Cascada can be considered as something very new and fresh. That is because Buick has never produced any convertible since many years ago and the very first version of Cascada is launched for 2015 edition. That might be one reason why this new convertible from Buick looks really simple.

Actually, though the overall look of this car is quite simple, does not mean that Buick is not giving the best. That can be seen from the unique but stylish looking interior design that looks quite different from many convertibles. Since an addition to that, when you are taking a closer to understand this new 2019 Buick Cascada and compare it with some of its rivals, you might notice that this new convertible from Buick is slightly bigger so that you will not have to worry about the comfort, even if you are sitting on the passenger seat.

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The most unfortunate thing that you will get from this new convertible is the one and only engine. However, you can breathe well knowing that this new convertible from Buick is going to use the turbocharged engine. Which means you can still get some power even though the maximum electrical power of this new 2019 Buick Cascada is limited at 200-horsepower. To get those who want to get this new descapotable from Buick, you might need to save some of your money first since rumors said that this car will be tagged around 35,000 US dollars or so. That one is a little bit over an average of many sports vehicle cars nowadays.

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